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Cover image Marimba Magic
Marimba Magic

Images from the book "Marimba Magic - 24 duets for ONE marimba" by Denis Stilke, published by codamusic. Each piece got its own image. Thanks to Matthias Krohn / codamusic for his PPI (Permanent Positive Input).

The deadline was tight, while I had job-related things to do which had less in common with the book illustration. So I decided to take just black-lead) pencils, paper blender, copic pens and a Moleskine for the sketches. It was very long ago that I was working with analog media for the last time. Huh, no undo? On the other side, the tools work without delay in real time, and hey, the undo is also there, just in hardware rubber shape.

Some sketches were created using iPhone / iPad along with the app "LiveSketch". You will most likely recognize them by their specific hatching style.

The final edition was made in Painter 11 / 12, preprint in Photoshop on my iMac 27".

The illustrations in random arrangement are shown in the gallery here or from the sidebar. Below, the genesis of the cover.
Erste Skizze mit analogen Medien
Da sind wir schon ein bisschen weiter
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